Tailor-made solutions for all things software

We create software that complements your workflows, instead of standing in the way of them.

Committing to individualised solutions does require more effort, but these customers can attest to its success

Projects - Adapting software to us, instead of adapting us to software.

Each company is filled with unique individuals, and with that, unique problems. Using cookie cutter solutions to fix these often leads to inefficiencies, annoyance and new problems. Instead of trying to fit into the mould, let us help you create your own.


ICO Platform | Project | AB INNOVISION

EstateX wants to revolutionise real estate through the blockchain, allowing their users to turn their online assets to real-world investments.


ESG Tool | Project | AB INNOVISION

HANSAINVEST needed an ESG web tool that would enable them to store, maintain and process their ESG data with no down time, while following the most up to date safety standard.


B2B Shop | Project | AB INNOVISION

exfinity is a platform that helps suppliers further their reach and multiply their sales channels while giving retailers an easy access to an internationally diversified portfolio of experiences.

Hands-on mentality, paired with vast technological know-how … that's how you make an IT-project fun

Services - Identifying problems and creating solutions

This is what defines our services at AB INNOVISION. We have optimised our services to best serve you in all things tech, from consulting, to software development, to further support, we have got you covered!

  • Consulting. Our team of consultants and experts will spend time with you in order to fully understand and map out your workflows and processes to figure out your individual needs, problems and bottlenecks.
  • Software Development. Our dedicated team of highly-experienced software developers work tirelessly to build the solutions. Frequent updates and feedback rounds are conducted during this process, to ensure the final product perfectly fulfils the customers needs.
  • Support. We offer extensive support after the completion of any projects, ensuring that our solutions stay up and running. Additional features, security updates and tools trainings are also just one call away.

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