Project - ESG Tool

HANSAINVEST needed an ESG web tool that would enable them to store, maintain and process their ESG data with no down time, while following the most up to date safety standard.



HANSAINVEST needed a unique ESG web tool, with which they would be able to create, maintain and fill out a catalogue of questions.

ESG software is a technological solution designed to facilitate, streamline, and enhance the process of collecting, analysing, and reporting on an organisation's environmental, social, and governance performance metrics.

This is crucial in the real estate business, as it can be used to gain an overview of your data, its sources and its quality. Utilising this effectively allows for detailed and accurate reporting, keeping stakeholders and crucial persons informed. As a result, inefficiencies and potential issues are able to be caught early on, greatly mitigating risks and saving costs.

We built on these principles and benefits, enhancing them by encasing this concept inside of an intuitive and snappy web tool. Allowing our users to find, maintain, update and fill out data in a pinch. Scalability was another pillar in our design, making sure that the tool can handle any amount of data.

The result is a tailor-made ESG web tool that allows HANSAINVEST to get ahead of their competition and unlock their full potential.

Hands-on mentality, paired with vast technological know-how … that's how you make an IT-project fun

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