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exfinity is a platform that helps suppliers further their reach and multiply their sales channels while giving retailers an easy access to an internationally diversified portfolio of experiences.

exfinity GmbH
Web, Shopware


exfinity offers an interface between suppliers (providers of experiences) and merchants (who sell those experiences to customers) in the tourism industry via an API. They were looking to build upon this interface by creating an online platform that merchants can access and navigate using an intuitive user interface. In order to do this, they required experts in the fields of server architecture, cloud infrastructure and more. This is where we came in.

We kicked off the project by defining the list of requirements and discussing different options as well as noting down specific design and feature wishes from exfinity, making sure that the platform will cover everything they want and need.

As soon as these were set, we began the implementation process by identifying the best framework to realise these requirements. In this case it was ShopWare 6 that convinced us with its flexibility, adaptability and its intuitive design. The flexibility was especially important, as the tourism industry required some very specific features and workflows in order to be implemented.

We then started with the actual development of the platform, making sure to host early prototypes and further iterations of the solution on a Google Cloud platform, allowing exfinity members to review and provide feedback from an early stage and keeping them updated on the progress.

Our main goals during the development stage were ensuring fast loading speeds, optimising the platform for mobile users, making sure the platform is scalable and future proof, and lastly ensuring a transparent cost structure in order to prevent nasty surprises.

After the successful development process as well as multiple feedback rounds, the platform was able to be launched. Through the new features, its intuitive layout and other elements, exfinity was able to scale their business and reach a whole new customerbase of suppliers and merchants.

Absolutely outstanding technical expertise and also a friendly team. The initial project worked perfectly and was delivered on time. We are looking forward to working with them again on future projects.

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