Project - ICO Platform

EstateX wants to revolutionise real estate through the blockchain, allowing their users to turn their online assets to real-world investments.

EstateX B.V.
Blockchain, Web


EstateX had the vision of revolutionising real estate by leveraging the blockchain, allowing their users to invest in real world assets through crypto. What they were missing was the technical expertise to bring this idea to life.

For this, they required a new ICO platform that would make this idea a reality by handling the transactions and displaying the investments as well as any updates or additional features needed.

This is where we came in. We offered our skills and expertise in the realm of platform building and software to help them concretise their vision for the platform, using their existing platform as an initial basis.

We started out with a simple mockup and gradually worked towards the final product, allowing for multiple feedback rounds in which EstateX was able to bring in more details and actively participate in the creation of their platform.

On our end, we made sure to build this platform with scalability, ease of use, security and also stability in mind. Using our expertise to allow the platform to launch while keeping users data safe, the site online and protected against potential threats, such as DDoS attacks, and allowing users to quickly and easily find their way through the platform, making investing as easy as the click of a button.

After the release, we offered extensive support, monitoring the website during the launch and being ready for any required fixes.

ABI has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have been able to do every job we’ve asked of them, have expertise in all tech areas and have saved us with technical emergencies multiple times. Absolutely recommended as developers.

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